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Feeling Stuck? Try These Content Ideas for Small Businesses.

By Lauren | July 15, 2024

Content helps you connect, right? It gives insights into your business, your personality, and your culture. But boy, can it be draining. And as awesome as AI is there are only so many times you can ask it for blog ideas for the exact same audience before it starts to sound the same.   So…

Strategies for Improving Employee Retention in Small Businesses

By Lauren | July 15, 2024

Offer competitive compensation and benefits to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring employees feel valued and financially secure. Invest in professional development opportunities, such as training and workshops, to show a commitment to employee growth and career advancement. Create a positive and inclusive work environment where employees feel respected, valued, and part of the company…

Digital Etiquette Tips

By Lauren | July 8, 2024

Internetting ain’t easy. There are all sorts of digital quagmires we get ourselves into putting words onto a screen and hitting send or post. It’s a tricky time navigating communication across the digital world. Since Emily Post is busy sorting out which fork goes where, it’s time we turn to her predecessor “Emily Posted,” your…

Enhancing Workplace Satisfaction Through Employee Recognition Programs

By Lauren | July 8, 2024

Employee recognition programs are essential for boosting morale, productivity, and job satisfaction through awards, bonuses, and public acknowledgment. Such programs create a motivational environment, fostering a sense of accomplishment and belonging among employees. Effective recognition reduces turnover rates, with studies showing over 40% higher engagement and less likelihood of employees quitting when recognized. Implementing an…

15+ Creative Partnership Ideas to Boost Customer Engagement and Sales

By Lauren | July 1, 2024

In my town, businesses of all types and industries are getting into the event business. They’re offering how-to demos, social gatherings, night outs, and a lot more. Best of all, they’re collaborating with some unlikely partners.   Using a similar type of collaboration can help you reach new audiences, enhance your offerings, and drive sales.…

Innovative Hiring Strategies for Small Businesses

By Lauren | July 1, 2024

Securing top talent is essential for small business growth, facing unique recruitment challenges. Innovative hiring strategies, like leveraging social media and advanced technologies, enhance recruitment and provide a competitive edge. Over 71% of recruiters use social media for hiring, tapping into a wider talent pool and engaging with candidates in a relaxed environment. AI-driven applicant…

The Time-Crunched Business Owner’s Guide to Maximizing Your Chamber Membership ROI

By Lauren | June 24, 2024

Hey there, busy members!   We see you. You’re juggling inventory, payroll, marketing… the list never ends. And we keep sending emails about events you don’t have time to attend, right? While these events can be incredible opportunities to learn and grow professionally, we understand that “getting together” isn’t in everybody’s calendar.   But that…

Five Time Management Strategies for Small Business Owners and Team Leaders

By Lauren | June 24, 2024

Effective time management is crucial for small business owners and team leaders to enhance productivity and maintain work-life balance. Mastering time management helps in handling multiple roles without becoming overwhelmed, ensuring long-term success. The Eisenhower Matrix aids in prioritizing tasks by distinguishing between what is urgent and important. The Pomodoro Technique boosts focus and productivity…

Create a Loyal Following with a Facebook Group for Your Business

By Lauren | June 20, 2024

Beginning marketers often think a Facebook group is an ideal way to bring their target market together. And while we’re not discounting the truth behind that, most novice businesses make a critical mistake when creating a Facebook group for the first time.   Their mistake negatively impacts their ability to engage their target market. And…

How to Establish Credit for Your Small Business

By Lauren | June 20, 2024

Separate personal and business finances to establish credit, protect personal assets, and ensure tax accuracy. Form an LLC for liability protection and tax benefits, enhancing your business’s credibility. Obtain an EIN and DUNS number for tax purposes, banking, and to build your business credit profile. Open a business bank account and establish credit through timely…


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