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Extreme Ownership: How Leaders Can Transform Business Culture with Radical Responsibility

By Lauren | April 22, 2024

Extreme ownership is a mindset shift that emphasizes complete accountability in leadership, as explained by Jocko Willink, a former Navy SEAL officer. This philosophy leads to enhanced respect and fosters a culture of effective problem-solving and trust within teams. True leaders embrace their failures and successes, fostering an atmosphere of trust, communication, and continuous improvement.…

25 Ways to Grow Your Email List

By Lauren | April 18, 2024

If you want to remain top-of-mind with your customers (as well as nurture people who are interested in your business, but not yet buying from you), you need to be able to stay in touch. While social media may seem like a good first step, you’re limited in how often your audience sees your posts.…

Understanding the Complex Role of HR in Today’s Workplace

By Lauren | April 15, 2024

HR officers play a crucial, complex role as guardians of corporate values, mediators between employees and employers, and facilitators of discipline and development. The role of HR goes beyond enforcing policies; it is critical in shaping company culture, promoting diversity, and managing talent to align the workforce with company goals. Successful HR practices balance management’s…

Red Flag Series: Student Job Scams

By Lauren | April 9, 2024

Red Flag Series: Student Job Scams As we near the close of the Academic Year, a lot of students are looking for work. Whether for the summer or their first post-graduation job, students are applying and recruiters are recruiting. While you’re in the crush of it all, it’s easy to see an email saying ‘You’re…

Main Street Is Changing: What the Remote Work Trend Means for Your Small Business

By Lauren | April 8, 2024

Do you work from home, or do you have a brick-and-mortar business? While COVID taught us about the convenience of working from home (who can give up a one-minute commute?), it’s been the inflated economy and increase in costs that have driven many small businesses to embrace a location-independent business. That could mean a big…

Maximizing Business Success Through Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Strategies for Engaging and Retaining Your Workforce

By Lauren | April 8, 2024

Employee satisfaction surveys are key to aligning company values with goals, understanding team dynamics, evaluating supervisor performance, and identifying opportunities for training, development, and career advancement. Ensuring anonymity in surveys is vital to encourage honest feedback without fear of retribution, with options to use third-party agencies or tools like SurveyMonkey for conducting surveys. Crafting insightful…

Is This What’s Holding Back Your Sales?

By Lauren | April 2, 2024

Ask yourself a simple question-what’s holding your potential customers back from buying from you?   You might think cost. Perhaps it’s ease of purchase (online ordering), location, or not knowing about you. But there could be something much easier to fix than cutting your prices, moving, or rebranding/launching a huge marketing campaign. While all these…

Think Twice Before Hiring or Promoting “Brilliant Jerks”

By Lauren | April 1, 2024

Arianna Huffington criticizes valuing employees solely on brilliance, coining the term “brilliant jerks” for talented yet toxic workers  “Brilliant jerks” can hide their toxic behaviors behind exceptional performance, complicating their identification and the management of their negative impact. Their presence can damage team unity, foster a toxic work environment, decrease morale and productivity, and lead…

If You’re a Gig Worker (or use them) You Need to Know This

By Lauren | March 25, 2024

If you’re a gig worker, or you use them in your business, it’s important that you are aware of recent legislation that went into effect this month.   What Is a Gig Worker? A gig worker (independent contractor, freelancer, or contingent worker) is someone who works on a temporary, flexible basis, often for multiple clients…

How to Verify the Accuracy of an Applicant’s Resume

By Lauren | March 25, 2024

75% of hiring managers have encountered lies on resumes, posing a challenge to the trustworthiness of applicant qualifications. Pruning outdated or irrelevant job experiences from resumes can help applicants highlight their most recent and pertinent skills. Checking for employment gaps can uncover important character traits or red flags, such as incarceration, which can be further…


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