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Government Affairs Committee

Advocacy on behalf of our members and business community is a priority of the Leavenworth-Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce.  As a Chamber member you have full time advocates fighting for your interests in the political arena on issues that affect your business.  Our Government Affairs Committee is fundamental in enhancing our community's business climate.  These meetings are open to any Chamber member or member representative.


The Government Affairs Committee, as with all Chamber Councils, Committees, & Programs, is open exclusively to Chamber Members. If you're interested in becoming a Member of the oldest Chamber of Commerce in the State of Kansas, let us know, so you can begin to be involved today!

Government Affairs Committee (GAC) 2023 Legislative Agenda

  1. Purpose of the Legislative Agenda - To focus elected officials and government agencies on advancing the Chamber members' priorities for enhancing business and economic growth.


    2023 Legislative Focus -


    1. Transportation for Economic Development. Economic development depends on adequate access to business.  The Chamber supports planning and development at all levels of government for future transportation systems that connect the Leavenworth/Lansing area with other communities and the interstate transportation networks.  This includes but not limited to:
    2. Replacing and building new bridges across the Missouri River (specifically replacing the Centennial Bride and building a new bridge connection Lansing with Highway 152 in Missouri.
    3. Improving the north-south transportation corridor so that it is safe for local transportation and provides expeditions access into an out of the regional manufacturing and storage facilities.
    4. Attracting new residents and businesses into the region.


    1. Tax policy. State and local governments should provide reasonable tax policies for adequate funding levels while protecting the interests of our business members.  As such, we support:


    1. Returning the Kansas State ad velorem (LAVTR) tax revenue to counties.
    2. Incentivizing the creation and growth of small businesses with appropriate tax incentives.
    3. Designating federal and state opportunity zones.


    2023 Standing Positions - The Chamber's standing positions, which may or may not come up during the legislative session, support the following:

    • Efforts that fund the promotion of tourism.
    • Continued/increased state and local funding and improvement to state and federal facilities and workforce development programs.
    • Expanding and funding healthcare statewide and locally.
    • Finding prudent and effective ways to relieve and reduce tax burdens.
    • Ensuring complete transparency and reliability from all levels of government


    2023 Programs - Specific dates of recurring events created to promote the GAC agenda are located on the Chamber's Calendar.  In general, the program includes:


    • Monthly meet and greet evening events with elected officials (generally first Fridays)
    • Monthly Informational Forums
    • Legislative updates
    • Candidate forums (July and October)




    Government Affairs Committee's (GAC) Purpose Statement


    The GAC support the Chamber's mission by advocating for governmental policies that support business growth and enhance economic strength by:

    • Pursuing legislation and policies that help business development.
    • Enhancing the Chamber's influence with local, state, and federal elected officials.
    • Educating public officials about the business community.
    • Keeping Chamber members well-informed in a non-partisan manner about public policy matters that impact the business community


    How the GAC works for legislators, other elected officials, government agencies, and members:

    • Developing members' concerns into a pro-business legislative platform and advocating policies that promote business success.
    • Producing reports and updates that help members to track legislative action.
    • Producing nonpartisan information about candidates and elections, helping members and their employees to make informed voting decisions.
    • Facilitating a broad range of opportunities for meaningful interaction between members and elected officials.
    • Providing public presentations on advocacy and the legislative process.

Legislative Update Interview Series

The Government Affairs Committee Meets:

The second Thursday of every month (weather permitting)

Chamber Offices
518 Shawnee St.
Leavenworth, KS 66048


Questions? Contact:

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