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Leadership Leavenworth-Lansing

Mission of Leadership Leavenworth-Lansing

To educate and develop community leaders.

The Goal of the Leadership Program is to establish a network of community leaders and provide upcoming leaders an opportunity to grow and develop with the guidance and assistance of those currently in leadership positions. The Program is designed to develop future leaders.

Above: Pictures from the 2023-2024 LLL Class touring Fort Leavenworth.

About Leadership Leavenworth-Lansing

The Leadership Leavenworth-Lansing Committee's approach to the Leadership program is based on the concept that there are a variety of ways for citizens to become involved in the community. This approach, which is exemplified by the multi-faceted curriculum, seems to best facilitate identification of potential leaders by providing areas that stimulate interest and/or align with personal expertise. Accordingly, the course includes sessions on local history, the local economy, the legal and legislative systems, health and social service agencies, civic and community groups, education programs and technology. The individual skill which align with these topics include stewardship, team building, boards and committees, meeting management, consensus decision making, communication, ethics and change process. Each Leadership class selects and executes a class project.


Those interested are invited to contact the Chamber of Commerce office by calling (913) 682-4112, or emailing


Leadership Leavenworth-Lansing, as with all Chamber Councils, Committees, & Programs, is open exclusively to Chamber Members. If you're interested in becoming a Member of the oldest Chamber of Commerce in the State of Kansas, let us know, so you can begin to be involved today!

The History of Leadership Leavenworth-Lansing

The Chamber of Commerce initiated the Leadership Leavenworth-Lansing program in 1985 when local government, schools, and community based organizations reported difficulty in filling positions on committees, boards of directors and other responsible organizations that rely on citizen input and participation to make decisions for the benefit of the community as a whole. It was determined that many citizens were reluctant to volunteer because of lack of familiarity with the issues and organizations and a feeling that they were not prepared or qualified to participate in deciding community issues. The initial thrust of the Leadership program was to create an environment within which individuals willing to make a commitment of time and energy to the community were made familiar with community organizations and issues and urged to participate in leadership positions with confidence. This remains an underlying basis of the Leadership program and its curriculum.

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