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International Women’s Day

By Lauren | March 8, 2024

March 8 2024- International Women’s Day. We are here to support Women-Owned Businesses! If you’re looking to start or grow your business, we’ve got a few resources listed for you. Resources: Academy for Women Entrepreneurs– A program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to promote women’s economic opportunities. Empowering Women’s Entrepreneurship (WE)- From…

National Invest in Veterans Week 2024

By Lauren | March 4, 2024

National Invest in Veterans Week runs March 1-7. This week is meant to set a focus on Veteran Entrepreneurs. In this article, we’ve gathered a few resources meant to boost Veterans Entrepreneurship, whether starting or growing a business.   Invest in Veterans Week– Starting us off, we have the resources compiled by the organization itself.…

5 Key Connections Every Leader Must Have in Their Professional Network

By Lauren | March 4, 2024

Cultivating strategic connections is crucial for leadership success, like a chessboard where every piece is key. Engaging with industry insiders provides insights and competitive edge. Mentors offer personalized advice to navigate leadership challenges. Collaborating with innovators sparks new strategies, keeping leadership forward-thinking. Connectors open doors to new collaborations and opportunities with their wide networks. Challengers…

Article title. Underneath are four stages of plant growth in blues and red.

Leadership Impact: Navigating Talent Turnover and Fostering a Thriving Company Culture

By Lauren | February 26, 2024

Talent turnover leads to significant loss of knowledge and potential, often driven by stressful management. Financially, replacing an employee can cost up to double their salary and trigger a domino effect causing multiple departures. This turnover negatively impacts employee morale and company culture, potentially creating a toxic work environment. By investing in leadership development, businesses…

Article title on left, the word 'Customers' in red. An outline hand hands over an outline heart with the words "My Brand" in red. Another blue outline hand accepts it. End Description.

Is It Time to Hand Over Your Brand to Your Customers?

By Lauren | February 22, 2024

For years now, marketers have touted word-of-mouth marketing as the most powerful, influential, and effective marketing out there. Business owners heeding this advice have begged, borrowed, and bribed people to review them. But it’s been an uphill battle for most. That’s because when customers have a good (or even great) experience, they are less likely…

Description: Article title. A blue outline jar is held by a blue outline hand. A red coin hovers above the jar. End Description.

The New Tipping Culture and the Effects on Consumer Behavior & Business

By Lauren | February 20, 2024

New tipping culture prompts questions and confusion about gratuity habits. Tipping opportunities have increased, but readiness to tip has decreased. Inflation and confusion contribute to tipping reluctance. Tipping fatigue negatively affects workers who rely on tips. Businesses can address the issue by educating consumers, communicating tipping policies clearly, or exploring alternative models for fair wages.…

Article title. Underneath is a computer screen graphic. It displays nine windows with basic people outlines inside. These people have stars, balloon animals, or party trumpets. End Description.

Break the Ice, Break the Stress: Making Remote Meetings Fun

By Lauren | February 12, 2024

Workers love remote work flexibility, but not virtual meetings Making virtual meetings more enjoyable and engaging increases team connection Better meetings come with embracing fun and humorous ice breakers Bosses who use humor are more likable Know your audience and time icebreakers with discretion — the goal is to build closeness not embarrass anyone 567…

Networking 101

By Lauren | February 8, 2024

It’s International Networking Week! If you’re the sort of person for whom small talk doesn’t come easily, you might share my initial reaction when I found out this existed- “How can I skip this?” Making small talk with people I only vaguely know is not my preferred way to spend time. And I know quite…

Article title. There is an open lock next to the word "Unlocking". There is clock/mechanical wheel combined into the same circle.

Unlocking Productivity: The Case for the Four Day Work Week

By Lauren | February 5, 2024

The four day work week is a trend that supports that productivity and revenue are possible with a shorter work week Small businesses may experience greater impact because they can integrate changes more swiftly Staff creativity and innovation flourish under reduced hours, improving talent retention and workplace satisfaction Experts believe this innovative approach has the…

Description: The words "Ensuring Growth of Middle Managers" to the left of a blue person imprint. The imprint has a tie & a nametag. there is a lighter blue plant growing from the head.

Ensuring Growth of Middle Managers is Crucial for a Flourishing Workplace

By Lauren | January 29, 2024

Upskilling middle managers can lead to better productivity and performance. Foster a culture of learning and development through upskilling. Improve decision-making and problem-solving abilities through professional development opportunities. Investing in the growth of middle managers can attract and retain top talent. Keeping pace with industry trends is essential for business success. 672 words ~ 3 min…


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