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Why Treating All Employees as Leaders Can Benefit Your Company

By Lauren | January 22, 2024

Empowering all employees can lead to a culture of innovation and creativity. Leaders at all levels of the organization can drive performance and results. Recognizing and rewarding leadership behavior can promote accountability and achievement. Empowered employees are more engaged and committed, leading to higher retention rates. Leadership development programs benefit the entire organization. Customizing training…

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Should You Add ‘Near Me’ to Your Business Name? Get the Lowdown on Google Search Rankings

By Lauren | January 15, 2024

Adding ‘near me’ to a business name does not guarantee improved search rankings Google Business Profile is crucial for improving local search rankings Factors like relevance, distance, and prominence influence how businesses rank in local search results Building a strong online presence and optimizing for local keywords are effective strategies There are no shortcuts to…

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The Power of ‘Entry Interviews’ and ‘Stay Interviews’: Tips from Adam Grant

By Lauren | January 8, 2024

Many employers hold ‘exit interviews.’ Wharton psychologist Adam Grant suggests conducting “entry interviews” and “stay interviews” to create a positive work environment and retain top talent. An entry interview is a meeting with new employees to discuss their expectations and experiences during onboarding. Open-ended questions should be asked to show employees that their opinions are…

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Think “Chamber”.

By Lauren | January 4, 2024

Ever thought “Wouldn’t it be great to have a listing of local businesses?” The Chamber has it. Ever thought, “Is there anything happening in our area this weekend?” The Chamber has it. Looking for a list of references for starting, developing, or growing your business? The Chamber has it. Needing to give your business an…

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15 Tech Tools to Elevate Your Work-Life Balance

By Lauren | January 3, 2024

Mastering time management and prioritization through technology enables focusing on vision, innovation, and growing the business. Tools like Trello, Asana, and Slack help create clear schedules and facilitate team collaboration. Doist and Evernote help prioritize and categorize tasks efficiently, while LastPass securely stores passwords and sensitive data. Social media management tools like Hootsuite and Buffer…

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Red Flag Series: Job Scams

By Lauren | December 28, 2023

By now, we all know about scams trying to sell you non-existent things, pretending to be a government agency, or trying to contact you via email about an incredible inheritance from a relative you didn’t know about. Did you know that there are also job scams? Job scams seek to get your personal information and/or…

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Turning Gift Returns and Exchanges into Business Opportunities

By Lauren | December 27, 2023

You hate to see it coming-a customer with your bag in hand. You know where that’s headed. No matter how helpful you were or how great your products are, the holiday season isn’t a holiday without a wave of gift returns and exchanges. While it’s easy to view these transactions as inconveniences, savvy businesses recognize…

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Amping Up Productivity with the “Quiet Protocol”

By Lauren | December 26, 2023

Employees are constantly interrupted in today’s hyper-connected world, disrupting productivity The “Quiet Protocol” allocates solid chunks of uninterrupted time for employees to focus on important work Pioneering research highlighted how interruptions negatively impact productivity; dedicated distraction-free periods saw productivity surge 65% Employers should draw clear boundaries for quiet time, provide an optimized workspace, promote breaks,…

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Chamber Year in Review: 2023

By Lauren | December 20, 2023

We’ve done quite a bit over the past twelve months- thank you members! Take a look at our Top Hits and see where we’ve been: Member directory hits grew to match pre-covid numbers, and member link-outs have surpassed all years since the website started (2015). ‘Hits’ refers to the number of people who have visited…

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Maximizing Momentum From Small Business Season

By Lauren | December 18, 2023

Movie franchises, sequels, and prequels are all the rage in Hollywood these days-and for good reason. They make money. They’re a known commodity. If you’re an entrepreneur who’s thinking about launching a second business, a spin-off can be wildly popular. Before you decide to go after a brand-new market, consider the opportunities you might have…


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